Current Supervision (PhD, MPhil, MRes, MSc)

  • Who's at the keyboard? Enhancing the character profile created during a digital forensic examination using a cross-disiplinary approach
  • Identifying the artefacts left from the use of Wine in Linux
  • Forensic Examination of the ReFS filesystem
  • Investigating Whether Data Fragment Classification Algorithms can be Analysed and Tested Within a Standardised Framework

Previous Supervision (PhD, MPhil, MRes, MSc)

  • Analysis and Recovery of Android Wear Geo-Location Forensic Artefacts Using Google Fit
  • Assessing the Evidential Value of Artefacts Recovered from the Cloud
  • Automated Analysis of Unknown Binary Log Files
  • Data Recovery from Secret Chat within the Telegram Messenger on Android
  • Evaluating the Significance of the Windows Location Platform in Computer Forensic Investigations
  • Forensic Interpretation of the Linux Locate Database
  • Identifying and Recovering Object Streams from PDF Documents
  • Mapping the Connections made Using a Windows To Go Device
  • Trusted Operating Systems as a Platform for Forensic Tools
  • What Information Can We Obtain Regarding the Sending and Receiving of E-mails Using the In-built Functionality on a Windows 10 Device