Current Teaching

Cranfield University

Digital Forensics:
  • Digital Crime and Investigation: Computer Law, Processes, Case Based Practical Scenario, Device Deconstruction and Acquisition
  • Forensic Computing Foundations: Number Systems, Data Types and Interpretation, Compression, OOXML, Data Carving, Practical Scenarios
  • Internet Forensics: Internet Explorer / Edge (ESE Internals), Virtual World Forensics
  • Programming for Digital Forensics: Data Types, Operators, Conditionals, Containers, Loops, Data Hashing
  • Digital Forensics Using Open Source Tools: Introduction to Linux, Installation / Compiling, general terminal commands, scripting, Windows artefact analysis, digital forensic distributions, linux forensics
  • Advanced Forensic Computing: Optical Media, ESE Internals (Cortana and Windows Desktop Search), Thumbnail Caches, Previewing, Desktop Reconstruction, Data Identification
  • Introductory Study Skills for Digital Forensics
  • Research / Project Skills for Digital Forensics

Forensic Science:

  • Legal Systems Overview
  • Evidence Collection and Identification: Digital Devices

Computer Science:

  • Computer Hardware and Software Overview
  • Programming (Python / C++)
  • Computer Law

Invited Talks (Schools, Universities, Public Engagements)

  • Digital Forensics Unit Promotional Talk
  • The Case of the Stolen Artwork (1 day digital forensics school workshop)
  • Maths in Forensic Computing
  • Introduction to Forensic Computing
  • Digital Forensics Careers Talk